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In order to improve the input speed of the TEX document, I recently studied the use of WINEDT 6.0 to use the method and skills of the WINEDT 6.0.

Right -click on the toolbar to show those things, and you can use it directly. You can study them by yourself. Here you will not talk about it. The following is some tips on input.

1, the environment automatically supplement
1.1, enter the \ begin {xxx} if you enter another}, it will automatically change





and the cursor will be positioned to *.



text content

After entering after \ begin {xxx}>, the prompt will pop up the prompt to replace the subsequent yyy to xxx, and directly click OK to replace it.
If there is no \ end {yyy} behind, the effect is the same as the input}.
1.3, if there is a certain paragraph



Text content

Enter \ end {at the back of the content{will automatically become \ end {xxx}.

2, increase the replication content
After selecting the text, press ALT+C to add the newly selected text after the original copy of the text.
For example, the ABC is copied first, and then selects the ALT+C after selecting it, and then paste it.

3, grammar examination
Select a paragraph and follow Alt+F12 to check the selected content for the Latex syntax. There are errors to highlight it.

4. Settings of replacement function
The batch processing of a large number of paragraphs is also often used, and there are some options in the replacement function of Search -Replace, all English, I am too good in English, I can only translate it. I can only explain it as much as possible.
4.1, Options
Case Sensitive: Differentiated and lowercase;
Relaxed spacing: This should be regarded as a space for multiple spaces;
WHOLE WORDS only: This should be counted to the entire word. For example, ABCDEF and ABC, if you search for ABC, the former will skip the former when it is enabled, only replace the latter;
inline expressions only: to be translated …
Regular expressions: To translate …
Respect Capitalization: This seems to retain the first letter or all letter capitalization of the original words, such as replacing ABCDEF to FFFK, and when the inscription is enabled, it will become FFFK, but it seems to “distinguish” one case “. Remove, otherwise it will not take effect;
Prompt on Replace: Remake before replacement.
4.2, in scope
selectd: Selected;
Current docume: Current document;
all opend documents: All the documents that have been opened;
Cyclic Search: Cycle search.
4.3, the four behind
Forward: forward, that is, search forward;
backward: Later, that is, reverse search;
From Cursor: This should be searched from the cursor as the starting point. Looking forward or backward, you can see which one of the first two choices;
Entire Scope: This should be a full text search.

5, custom input automatic running macro
This is relatively technical, but it is very practical. Below input \ GEQ will automatically become \ Geqslant as an example.
5.1, recording the macro of the input SLANT
Click the Macros -Recorder, and then the recording macro window pops up below. When you click the first red dot to start recording, WINEDT will record every step on your keyboard. After the operation is completed, click the countdown button to save.
So here I enter the slant after starting the recording and store it in the newly created folder Zdyedt in the Winent directory.
5.2, the recorded macro is right to \ GEQ
Click Options -Options, a window pops up on the left, and finds Active Strings in Delimiters … and click it to display the content inside on the right. Add before [END].

Copy content to the clipboard



(Note that the path should be the same as the folder and file name saved earlier), and then save, right -click Active Strings to select Load Script, which corresponds to it.
In the document, as long as you enter \ GEQ in the document, you will run the macro of slant, and automatically help you finish \ Geqslant.
In this way, you can develop your own input macro to achieve faster inputs. This can be played by yourself, but remember not to conflict with other commands.
At present, I have already entered `FC2 and automatically become it.




and the cursor will automatically locate to the air in the air to make a good job.
In addition, if you find that the entry macro is not right, in addition to re -recording, you can actually modify it by yourself. Open the EDT file (you can also open it with a notepad, anyway, it is pure text). For recording The macro, the command inside is relatively simple, you can edit it yourself.
In addition, the recording macro is very enjoyable, and the recorded macro can be used on the spot. For example, when you enter a document, you find that there is a series of inputs in the back and you have to repeat it many times, so you can enter that paragraph in that paragraph in that paragraph. When you click the red dot to start recording, then click the red dot to stop after the input. After that, you can click the second button to “play” once every time you enter that paragraph.

6. Custom Gui Page Control
Although the Gui Page Control comes with Winend 6.0 has a lot of things to order, it can still be defined by itself.
First of all, the GUI PAGE Control information can be found in the adDitional Gui Controls in Options -Options. Click Tex Symbols to see those symbols and related information that can be clicked, a lot of them.
Customization is to build one by yourself (of course you can also modify the original, but generally there is still no need to do this), imitate the original information, and make one by yourself.
For example, I have customized a page in the page called “Kuing Commonly used” just now. There are 8 clicks:

Copy content to the clipboard


page = "Kuing Commonly used"
    ITEM="( )"
    ITEM="[ ]"
    ITEM="{ }"
    ITEM="| |"
    ITEM="{ "

Note that there is a picture here kuingzdy2.bmp is made by yourself according to the symbols you set. Here is more troublesome, the location is just right, otherwise it will not be displayed, but the relationship is not much because you set you yourself. I know where I am about where is the position.
After entering, save it and Load Script is OK. The effect comes out as shown in the figure

I didn’t expect to use Chinese, and I took the order of those pages in hand. Hey, fun


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