pycharm background replacement

2023-01-22   ES  

The audience! We meet again…
Today I want to talk about how to replace the pycharm background. Before that, I introduced pycharm:

pycharm is a python editing tool that is easy to use (self -brain supplement) …

Look at the finished picture:
When you see the code, you will definitely be more motivated to see such a picture!

Follow the picture->
Step 1:在这里插入图片描述

Step 2:在这里插入图片描述
Step 3:在这里插入图片描述
Step 4:在这里插入图片描述
Step 5:在这里插入图片描述
Step 6:
Restart pycharm, your picture can be reality (poor Ding Dang, so the community version used)

This method guarantees easy use. Finally, the blogger shows his MC background (I am also an old MC player)

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