WMI009-WMI Learning Notes (9) -System.Management and System.Management.Instrumentation namespaces (name space)


Common technical website recommendation

Here is a commonly used technical website I collected. Personally, I think the quality of the documentation or the community atmosphere is still good.

platform operation and maintenance:

linux China Community:https://linux.cn/

Apache httpd official document:http://httpd.apache.org/docs/

weblogic official document:https://docs.oracle.com/en/middleware/

jboss open source document:https://www.open-open.com/wenku/tag/jboss.html

Ansible official document:https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/index.html

Ansible Chinese document:http://www.ansible.com.cn/


Online API document:http://tool.oschina.net/apidocs

javascript Chinese document:https://developer.mozilla.org/zh-CN/docs/Web/JavaScript

nodejs Chinese document:http://nodejs.cn/api/

Teacher Liao’s official website (Java, JavaScript, Python, Git, SQL):https://www.liaoxuefeng.com/

WeChat Mini Program official document:https://developers.weixin.qq.com/miniprogram/dev/index.html

Little program front -end component Vant Weapp:https://youzan.github.io/vant-weapp/#/intro

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WMI009-WMI Learning Notes (9) -System.Management and System.Management.Instrumentation namespaces (name space)

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