HF-NET (2) Global feature positioning and local feature matching based on HF-Net

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Welcome to follow my iOS SDK detailed interpretation column

Foreword: UITABBARController and UinaVIGATIONTROLler are navigation mode for most apps. The UITABBAR of UITABBARController is the UI part of its presentation to users, so it is important to understand its attributes and how to customize it. This article imitatesSina WeiboWrite a simple tabbar. Interested students can download it to see. I will briefly mention the realization of DEMO in the end of this article.

demo effect (icon text is written casually)
static map

The specific code of

Demo will not be explained. If you are interested, you will know what’s going on after downloading it. Moreover, my resources can be lowered without points.
download link

UITABBAR commonly used attributes

tintColor// Define the color selection color of tabbaritems

For example, set to red

How related attributes related to Image


Set the background picture of UITABBAR, for example, set the background picture of the initial DEMO at the beginning of the above

shadowImage // Shadow Picture
selectionIndicatorImage // Tabbar after Select Planting, then pictures below Baritem.

translucent // Whether transparent

Uibaritem several common properties

image/selectedImage // Picture, and the selected picture

For example, in my demo, the Item in the middle sets the following settings
Guaranteed how to click and use the pictures I want

 item.image = [midImage imageWithRenderingMode:UIImageRenderingModeAlwaysOriginal];
 item.selectedImage = [midImage imageWithRenderingMode:UIImageRenderingModeAlwaysOriginal];

adjustment of the position of Title and icon


For example, in my demo, there is a big picture in the middle. If there is no title, you need to adjust the position of the icon

item.imageInsets = UIEdgeInsetsMake(5.0, 0, -5.0, 0);

Before adjustment


Set font style


For example, use the following code to set the font to blue

 [item setTitleTextAttributes:@{NSForegroundColorAttributeName:[UIColor blueColor]} forState:UIControlStateNormal];

Comparison before and after setting

demo explanation

  • Animation I tried Keyframe, UISNAPBEHAVIOUR, and the code in Demo, and found that it was a clearer in demo.
  • Use tag to pass the number of icons to be clicked


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HF-NET (2) Global feature positioning and local feature matching based on HF-Net

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