ARM assembly instruction

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2019 Embedded Intelligent International Conference is coming!3 3 网:


Madly spoofed by netizens.

There is a Tucao AirPods Pro,

is just a copy of AirPods.

Tucao AirPods Pro,

Like a hair dryer.

There are vomiting like plant vs. zombies.

2018, Apple said when publishing AirPods, “We believe that the future is a wireless world. The connection between your various devices will be natural. This is just a small step towards the real wireless future. . Over the years, we have been committed to using technology to make you and your device automatically connect and be tight. “

The reason why AirPods Pro is a PRO version may be related to this wireless application.

It is understood that AirPods Pro added a pressure sensor at the end of the headset and made a pressure sensor board to allow users to touch the touch.

It can be said, “The existence and development of the sensor allows the objects to have sensory, taste, and smell, and make the object slowly survive.”

sensor, which is mainly used in the Internet of Things field, which is sacred?

In fact, the technological evolution of the IoT sensing module can be summarized as a series of products.

A total of 7 generations: large industrial intelligent sensors, first -generation IoT sensors, next -generation IoT sensors, IoT integrated sensors, sensing networks, comprehensive systems, printing electronics, etc.

The first -generation Internet of Things sensor module has been released. These modules are encapsulated with other electronic components, which integrates IoT chips with sensing modules to provide new functions for engineering applications.

Today, there are many such Internet of Things devices, such as NEST Smart Temperature Control (Google acquisition), smart forks, smart nozzles, etc., as well as wearable devices, family and building automation equipment.

For developers, it is only the first step to master the theoretical knowledge in the torrent of the Internet of Things.

As the saying goes, reading thousands of books, it is better to travel thousands of miles and walk thousands of miles.

Sometimes, choosing the right direction is more important than picking the light night reading. Based on,Gathering 100+ at home and abroad technical leaders 2019 Embedded Intelligent International Conference,Prepare for you!

Considering that many “quasi -developers” are still students, IWe have prepared for you only for sale

Student tickets for399yuan are 2,600 yuan cheaper than the original price!

So what kind of conference is this?

100+ bits at home and abroad technical leaders

500+ outstanding technicians gathered together

From December 6th to 8th, 2019, the 2019 Embedded Intelligence International Conference will be held at Intercontinental Hotels in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town. The conference was co -sponsored by Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Tsinghua University International Graduate School, CSDN, and Embedded Visual Alliance (USA), organized by Shenzhen Harbin Institute of Technology Innovation Industry Research Institute, and co -organized by Shenzhen Gulin Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research Institute.

Harbin Institute of Technology Chair Professor, Dean of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, IEEE FELLOW, ACM Outstanding Scientist Liu Ye as the chairman of the conference, Xing Guoliang, a professor of the Department of Information Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Li Huan Dr. President of the Program Committee of the General Assembly.

Core technologies and applications such as sensor fusion, autonomous driving.

Gathering 500+ bit from the mainstream AIOT field to practice innovation backbone, 100+ special technical leaders at home and abroad. There will also be dozens of chips, modules, tools, and applications to show the latest products. It is an industry event that is not to be missed. Let ’s take a look at the highlights that the conference does not miss:

30+ luxury lecturer lineup

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

dozens of Chinese and foreign scholars and technical big coffees are gathered together, and the latest cutting -edge embedded AI technology is interpreted for you in all aspects of production, learning, and research!

The guests who have been determined to attend are:

More heavy guests are being confirmed … (In the end, the guests are subject to the conference site)

Three consecutive days!Super technical dry goods analysis

5G+AI+IoT, set off a wave of technological changes!

At this conference, technical experts will share cutting -edge technologies such as unmanned detection, wireless intelligence, human -computer interaction, intelligent medical care, unmanned driving, and intelligent mobile monitoring to help you open your vision and focus on the future.

How do new generation of developers innovate and land on AIOT applications?

In the era of the Internet of Things, simple “interconnection” does not make any sense. It is necessary to allow all things to “interact” to exert its application value. AI is the core technology of it. AIOT will accelerate the advent of the “Wisdom Federation” era.

Based on this, the conference will give developers a new idea through AIOT in the mature landing cases in smart cities, smart medical, smart home, industrial robots, smart security and other fields, and open up their own new world.

chip technology helps AIOT, standing on the cusp

According to the statistics and predictions of the US Tractica Consulting Company, the deep learning chip market will grow rapidly from 2016 to 2025. By 2025, the market size will reach nearly 70 billion US dollars, of which nearly 40 billion US dollars will be applied to Various mobile devices, robots, drones, consumer electronics, wearable devices and other IoT fields.

At this conference, experts comprehensively interpreted the innovative technology of storage chips, car -level chips, and AI chip computing architecture, allowing you to keep up with the footsteps of the technology trend and help you become the leader of technology.

December 6th-8th (Friday-Sunday)

We have prepared a super technical learning camp:

1 Day AIOT Training Camp+2 Main Main Forum

+4 large division forum +theme seminar;

Set AIOT cutting -edge technology and practice,

AIOT basic theory,

AIOT Innovation Application and Best Practice,

chip empower the four major forum themes of AIOT;

Create a feast of embedded artificial intelligence developers!

AIOT CODING training camp, now study now!

On December 6, there will be AIOT training and opencv training throughout the day. The technology Daniel will teach you!

Training camp first conducts basic training of AI basic knowledge and in -depth analysis of machine learning, and then get started with advanced combat to learn. In one day, teach you to realize the call and development of AIOT applications!

In addition, in the interactive exhibition area, dozens of chips, modules, tools and application integrators show the latest black technology, so that you have the perfect embedded AI journey experience!

What are you waiting for?Scan the code immediately or clickReadingOriginal registration,

enjoy 399 yuan student fare and 1999 yuan early bird ticket!

Scan code purchase ticket

This article refer to: Machinery Industry Press “The Core of the Internet of Things: Design of Sensor and Communication Chip”

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ARM assembly instruction

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