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When the user enters as empty or data abnormal in Edittext, we can use Toast to remind users. In addition, we can also use the animation effect and vibration prompt to tell the user: the data you entered is wrong. Intersection This method is more friendly and interesting.

In order to fulfill this demand, I encapsulated a help class, which can easily achieve this effect.

first code.

  * Copyright (c) 2014, Qingdao Sitong Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 
  * File name: EditTextShakehelper.java 
  * Version: V1.0 
  * Author: zhaokaiqiang 
  * Date: 2014-11-21 

 package com.example.sharkdemo; 

 Import Android.app.service; 
 import android.content.context; 
 Import Android.os.vibrator; 
 Import Android.View.animation.animation; 
 Import Android.View.animation.Cleinterpolace; 
 import android.View.animation.translateanimation; 
 Import android.widget.edittext; 

  * @Classname: com.example.sharkdemo.edTextShakehelper 
  * @Descripting: Input box vibration effect help class 
  * @author zhaokaiqiang 
  * @date 2014-11-21 9:56:15 AM 
 Public Class EditTextShakehelper { 

 // Vibration animation 
 Private Animation Shakeanimation; 
 // Value 
 Private CycleInterpolator CycleInterpolace; 
 // Vibration 
 Private vibrator shakevibrator; 

 public EditTextShakehelper (Context Context) { 

 // Initialized vibrator 
 shakevibrator = (vibrator) context 
 .getSystemService (service.vibrator_service); 
 // Initialized vibration animation 
 Shakeanimation = New Translateanimation (0, 10, 0, 0); 
 shakeanimation.setduration (300); 
 Cycleinterpolator = New CycleInterpootor (8); 
 shakeanimation.SetInterpootor (Cycleinterpolator); 


 * Start shaking 
 * @param Edittexts 
 public void shake (edittext ... edittexts) {{ 
 for (Edittext Edittext: Edittexts) { 
 Edittext.startanimation (Shakeanimation); 

 shakevibrator.vibrate (new long [] {0, 500}, -1); 




code is very small, and in order to use it more convenient, I directly write the animation settings in the code, so that there is no additional XML file.

We can call like the following, very simple

if (TextUtils.isEmpty(et.getText().toString())) {
new EditTextShakeHelper(MainActivity.this).shake(et);

Do not forget to add vibration permissions before using

    <uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.VIBRATE” />

GitHub address of this project:https://github.com/ZhaoKaiQiang/EditTextShakeHelper



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C ++ BFS Seeking the shortest path

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