Exposure Facebook internal efficient work PPT guide


Share 25 PPT from the internal Facebook, hoping to help you enter and improve your New Year’s work status. Excerpt from: Topdigital, sort out from: Big Data Digest

1. Time is often available, and time is preferred.

2. Time will always be: only 4 to 5 hours of work every day.

3. When you are in the state, do more; or take a good rest: sometimes it is not a working state for a few days, and sometimes you can live for 12 hours every day when working. This is normal.

4. Pay attention to your time and make it worthy of attention: your time value is 1,000 US dollars/hour, you have to move.

5. Don’t have more tasks, this will only consume attention; keep focusing, use it with one heart.

6. Develop work habits and persevere, your body will adapt.

7. In a limited time, we are always very focused and efficient.

8. The best way to enter the state of work is work. Starting from a small task, letting work runs.

9. Iteratory work, looking forward to the suffering of the perfect collection of unions: “After doing things, it is better than the perfect harvesting.” Facebook’s office on the wall of the office of the office. Doing it is better than any perfect imagination.

10. The longer the working hours, the higher the efficiency.

11. Work according to importance and improve efficiency.

12, arranged as soon as possible when there is a meeting, and the time for preparation of the meeting is often wasted.

Can’t do it. PS: When you see a programmer meditation, don’t disturb the past, and even a greeting is superfluous.

14. Keep the same working environment all day. Switching between projects/customers will be low efficiency.

15. Work -relaxation -work = efficiency (tomato work method) -delay -efficient.

16. Divide unrealistic tasks into reasonable small tasks. As long as you complete small tasks every day, you will get closer to that big goal.

17. There are never two tasks that will have the same priority, and there will always be a more important. Carefully consider listing the list of things.

18. What must be clearly completed during the day. “Only ever work on the purpose that will have the biggest impact” only to do the biggest impact. —— jason cohen

19. Pay the task in time, and you can feel that it is almost done.

20, authorize and use the power of others. – Gentleman is good and false to things (people). If something else can do 80 %, then do it for him!

21. Turn over yesterday and only consider today and tomorrow. Yesterday’s home run can’t win today’s game. —Hehao does not mention the bravery of the year.

22. Set a deadline for everything. Do not let work go on without time.

23. For the task of tight or stressful time, setting the end time, everything can be ended

24. Keep more, take more notes

25. After entering the high -efficiency state, write down anything decentralized things such as Google search words, the thoughts of the light, new ideas, and so on. If you write down them, it will not jump around again.

26, rest, rest ~

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