UNI-APP network request packaging and login authorization


  1. Upload/download speed slow, especially when the speed of the network is poor, it is basically unable to download.
  2. github private project charges are expensive. Some projects uploaded to the warehouse in order to facilitate management and did not want others to see it.
  3. collaborative, unable to form organizations between projects, and cannot add multi -person management.

But these cannot deny that GitHub is the best code custody tool, especially in the contribution of open source, and it is impossible to look at it!

If you have been installed and configured, you can skip the first two steps.


access link, download and install, very simple.
Directly use Git Bash and do not match environment variables.
If you need it, Baidu!

If you successfully install Git, you can right -click to select any placegit bash

git config --global user.name "Your name" 

 git config --global user.email "Your Email"

  1. After registering code cloud, build a new project.
  2. Enter the project, click clone/download
  3. Click to copy, and the remote connection is used after the copy of the copy.
    For example: My project is named Test, the content of the copy is as follows:

Local designated locations create a new folder, try to be the same name as the newly -built project above, and do not try to naming it in Chinese as much as possible.

Double -click to enter the new folder built in the previous step, right -clickgit bash

git command line input:

git init

At this time, the hidden .git folder will be automatically generated.

and then edit the content of the file directly.
can also be copied directly from other places to the warehouse.

Touch xx File Name. Due XX

Git Remote ADD Origin https://git.oschina.net/demonliuhu/test.git (the copy content in the third step)

git add xx file name. Suffix XX
git add --all

Git Commit -m "Notes" "

git push -U Origin Master // Push the homeowner to remote (if there is no remote main branch, it is created for initialized remote warehouses)

If an error is reported, please be normal after the instructions are as follows:

git push -U Origin Master -F // Forced Push

Refresh the code cloud project page, and you will see the submitted content.


, if you want to submit the content of the warehouse each time, you can execute from step 8.

Common git command list


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UNI-APP network request packaging and login authorization

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