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Because the reference format required by IEEE is different from what I usually use, I have studied how to get it for a while, record it, and I am afraid of forgetting.

  1. First of the nextIEEE’s thesis template, after entering the official website, click to downloadieeeconf.zip, the one inside is the template of Latex.Click here to download

  2. After the template, the reference reference for adding IEEE needs to be used.BibTex‘s reference format, in Baidu’s academic or Google academic, after searching articles, click to reference, there will be

    The reference format ofBibTex, as shown below:
    bibtexClick the lower left cornerBibTex, the following description will be displayed:

  title={Vox Populi: The Public Searching of the Web},
  author={Wolfram, Dietmar and Spink, Amanda and Jansen, Bernard J and Saracevic, Tefko},
  journal={Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology},
  1. and then create a name calledmylib.bibfile, copy the above description in


  2. , open our downloaded template, pull to the bottom, and change the original code to the following form:


is the original\begin{thebibliography}{99}and\end{thebibliography}Note, plus


These two sentences, in the second sentencemylibis just what we just createdmylib.bibfile name name, then we can call inside

The reference ofBitTeXformat, the specific reference method is as follows:
Add to where you need to quote:


== Explain: == in\cite{}In parentheses, we are inmylib.bibThe first line of references added in the file, such as:@article{Wolfram2010Vox,
As long as the content of the Copy in parentheses can be referenced by the corresponding literature.
Use an example to explain:

This is a test operation, cite a article\cite{Wolfram2010Vox}


  1. The above preparations are done well, and there is also a very critical operation, which is the method of compilation, otherwise it is still unsuccessful:
  • Compilation: pdflatex -> bibtex -> pdflateX -> PDFlateX

    Compile your .tex files with pdflateX, which generates a. AUX file, which tells Bibtex to use those applications;
    Compiled .bib files with bibtex;
    Compile your.tex files with pdflateX again. At this time, the reference is included in the document, but the number cited at this time may be incorrect;
    Finally compile your.tex files with pdflateX. If everything goes well, this is normal.

After the above operation, you can see the desired reference effect. The reference part is automatically generated. It only needs to be added to the reference. It is particularly convenient. I also needed to add references by myself.
Last effect is shown in the figure:


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Tag in S Tags in Struts2

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