Fibonacci Number (first 30) Python

2023-01-12   ES  

First define recursive function:

# definition recursive function 
 DEF FI (n): 
     # A = 0 
         if n> 0: 
             if n == 1 or n == 2: 
                 Return 1 
                 Return Fi (N-1)+Fi (N-2) 
             Print ("You Must input a Number> = 0")

Then the for loop:

# For a for loop 
     for I in Range (1, N+1): 
         Print (fi (i)) 
 fiprint (30)

Last result printing:

# print results 
 a = fi (30) 
 Print (a)

Here adding a circular program running time calculation:

#The cycle program running time 
 end_time = time () 
 run_time = end_time-begin_time 
 Print ('The cycle program runs:', run_time)

Implementation effect:


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