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Author | Ashutosh Singh

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[Editor’s note] Because expansion can greatly improve the efficiency of development, Visualstudio Code has become the most popular editor in the developer community. This article introduces the 10 most popular Visualstudio Code extensions in 2021.

Visualstudio Code is the most popular editor in the developer community. One of the reasons is that VSCODE has many extensions, which can improve the efficiency of development.

In this article, we will introduce 10 VSCode extensions that each developer should understand.

1、Auto Rename Tag

Autorename Tag is a VSCode extension for Web developers. As the name suggests, Auto Rename Tag can automatically update another tag when one label is changed:

This extension can be used not only in HTML, but also for React, because React uses JSX:

In the above example, there is only one text in the label, but in the real application, a large number of labels and elements are nested together, and it is very difficult and troublesome to update manual renewal.

2、Bracket Pair Colorizer

This extension can dye the matching brackets in the same color. The large amount of parentheses brought by the components, functions, objects, etc. of the same file are easy to touch:

, for example, code example below:

At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish different code blocks, but the Bracket Pair COLORORIZER extension can color the corresponding brackets, which is convenient for browsing code and reading:

3, code fragment

Code fragment is the best way to save time to improve productivity. This is not an extension, but a variety of expansion of multiple languages.

Below is some popular code fragments expansion:

  • Angular Snippts (version 11)

  • Python

  • JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

  • HTML Snippets

  • ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

  • Vue 3 Snippets

For example, when creating a new formation in React, the syntax of the input functional component is very cumbersome. Use ES7REACT/Redux/Graphql/React-Native Snippets. Just enter RFC and press Enter to create a functional component.

4、Better Comments

BetterComments can help you write comments that are convenient for reading.

Clear and easy -to -understand annotations are not only good for those who read code, but also very useful for themselves. Developers often encounter this situation: after a while, it is difficult to read their code. And writing descriptive annotations is good for themselves and teams.

Use Better Comments to extend, you can divide annotations into several categories such as warning, inquiries, waiting, and key points.

Use the following characters after the dual oblique line as a mark:

  • * Index the focus

  • ! Express errors and warnings

  • ? Express inquiries and questions

  • // Represents delete

  • TODO means to do it

5、Markdown All in One

MarkDownall in One can process all Markdown requirements, such as automatic preview, shortcut keys, automatic completion, etc.

Since its release in 2004, Markdown has become one of the most popular tags. Technical authors are widely used by MarkDown to transfer articles, blogs, documents, etc., because it is very light, simple, and can be used on multiple platforms. Its popularity has led to the emergence of many Markdown variants, such as Github Flavored Markdown, MDX, etc.

For example, to add coarse fonts to Markdown, you only need to choose a shortcut key CTRL+B to improve productivity.

6, icon

descriptive icon can help you distinguish different files and folders. The icon also makes the development process more interesting.

Below is a comparison of two VSCode tabs. One has an icon, and the other is not.

There are many icon extensions to choose from. The popular icon extensions are:

  • vscode-icons

  • Material Icon Theme

  • Material Theme Icons

  • Simple icons


Prettier is a tendency to format the code format. It has obtained more than 38,500 target stars on Github, and is one of the most popular code formators. The consistent code format and style can save a lot of time, especially when cooperating with other developers.

Consider the following code:

This code has many format problems, such as:

  • Single quotation number and dual quotes mixed

  • Irregular segmentation usage

  • The console statement in line 6 is increasingly indented

The figure below demonstrates how to format and repair the above errors:

This extension supports the Prettier plug -in so that you can use the local custom Perstier.

You can also further configure the extension, and it can even be configured to automatically execute when saved.

8、Import Cost

ImportCost can display the import size in the code. When writing items, it is important to not import too large software packages to avoid damage to the user experience. One of the methods to avoid introducing large software packages is to track the size of the software package at any time.

If the import is too large, Import Cost will display the size with red to warn. You can configure the corresponding size of small, medium and large.

9、Profile Switcher

Profileswitcher can be switched in multiple user configurations.

This extension is particularly suitable for content creators, such as technical bloggers, YouTube anchors, etc. You don’t need to change the settings every time you share the VSCode screen, just create a new user configuration.

The figure below demonstrates how to switch between the two users configure the default and the content creation:


gitlens is an open source extension. It adds Git’s function to VSCode.

The best point of this extension is that the author of the code can be visualized through the functions of Git Blame and Code Lens.

Below is more detailed code author’s information:

This is just one of the many functions of Gitlens. Other functions worth mentioning are:

  • History version of a file throughout a file

  • Display the author’s information at the end of the line, and will not cause interference to work

  • Customized status bar, show the last modifier and the date of the current line

11. Summary

This article introduces 10 VSCODE extensions to help you become a better developer and improve productivity.

There are many other VSCode extensions, such as:

  • Live Server

  • Path Intellisense

  • Code Spell Checker

  • Better Align

  • Quokka.js

  • indent-rainbow

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