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Tencent AI LAB is Tencent’s enterprise AI laboratory. It was established in Shenzhen in April 2016. At present, there are 70 top research scientists and 300 application engineers in China and the United States. With the help of Tencent’s rich application scenarios, big data, computing power, and long -term accumulation of first -class talents, AI LAB is based on the future, open cooperation, and is committed to continuously enhancing AI’s understanding, decision -making and creativity, and strikes the vision of “Make Ai Everywhere”.

Tencent AI LAB emphasizes research and application of research and application. Basic research pays attention to four major cutting -edge directions including machine learning, computer vision, voice recognition, and natural language processing. The research papers have covered the top international academic conferences. The four major fields of content and platform -type AI have landed in more than 100 products such as WeChat and QQ; industry applications have continued to make breakthroughs, developed Go AI “Peer Art” that have won many international awards, and supported national AI+ medical benchmark products “Tencent Tencent Tencent Find shadow. ” For details,

Work location:Shenzhen Langke Building

Computer visual direction intern

Job Responsibilities

During the internship, the work will be one of the following two directions:

1. Leading or participating in submission of the top computer visual conference CVPR/ICCV/ECCV/NIPS/ICML/ICRA, or top journals;

2. Leading or participating in the development of cutting -edge algorithms and technologies for practical application scenarios

Job Requirements

1. Outstanding students in the visual direction of computer, undergraduate, master’s or doctoral doctoral unlimited;

2. Related experience in the direction of the lower subordinates is preferred:SLAM/Structure From Motion/3D Reconstruction/HomoGraphy/Human Pose Estimation/Tempoothing for Video/Video Synthesis/Objects Testing, Division/Migration/Reinforcement Learning/Medical Image processing;

3. Those who have published articles at the top computer vision conference are preferred;

4. Those who have computer programming competitions and machine learning related competitions are preferred;

5. Those with rich open source projects are preferred;

6. The internship time of at least four months and more than three days (special circumstances can be discussed); those who have more than six months of internship are preferred

7. Have a strong interest in computer vision and enthusiasm for learning; willing to invest in the working environment similar to the “entrepreneurial team”;

8. Positive, honest and self -drive; have good communication and interpersonal ability; have the spirit of teamwork.

Contact information

• Resume delivery:[email protected]

• Interested students, please submit your resume before October 30, and add in the titleAI LAB Computer Visual Interns Application

• I heard that it is indicated in the email titlePaperWeekly, can greatly improve the invitation rate of the interview

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