Office E5 Automatic Subscribe


New version of the OFFICE 365 developer trial subscription! E5 (Affective Renewal method)
Blogs found a lot of ways, but this is the simplest.
If you have any questions, find the original link below to ask questions!

This program is deployed on my server, and the Outlook API will be automatically called every 2 hours to get the email list
For information: only the necessary client_id, client_secret will not be saved, no other content will be saved.
will read the authorized Outlook account mailbox mail, but it will not save any information, just call the API.
Please create a separate E5 sub -account in the same domain for authorization. Do not use this account to send or receive personal emails to avoid misunderstandings.

Login into Azure, log in to the account with your E5 account, which is an account starting with

Search “Application Registration”

Click New Registration


name is taken at random, but the most important thing is “redirecting to the URI (optional)”. Please fill in the following address, otherwise the program will not be recovered.

Friends pay attention to that the types of accounts that are supported here must be repaired to the URI (optional), otherwise it will not be authorized.

Click to record the following information after registration

Application (client) ID

Client password

Application (client) ID:

Create a client password:

Save the above 2 key, you need to use it in a while.

Configuration API permissions

Check the four options, and click on behalf of XX to award the administrator consent

PS: If this step is used by the sub -account, then this item is gray and cannot be clicked. You need to log in to the administrator account, and then click on behalf of XX to award the administrator consent

At this time, the configuration of the API is completed


Here you need to log in to the GitHub account. Similarly, I can only get basic information such as your user ID, user name in Github (the mailbox cannot be obtained), and any other information cannot be obtained (you can try to register a GitHub Apps yourself test).

Click the icon to log in and enter the homepage

Fill in the application (client) ID, client password

Client_id-> Application (Client) ID

Client_secret-> Client password

Click to save

After saving, click to authorize

At this time, it will jump to the authorized page of Microsoftonline Auth2.0. Please pay attention here to use the empty account (sub -account) in the same domain to authorize.

(Because I can get the authorized Outlook account email at this step, but the program will not be saved, just call the API.) To avoid misunderstandings in the future.

After clicking, it will jump back to the automatic subscription program.

By this time, the authorization was completed.

Nothing ~

Please register a GitHub (maybe over the wall)

blogger test pay attention to save the ID password
If you are worried that privacy is registered with a sub -account like the author
Note that the URL does not fill in the wrong wrong, otherwise it will not be called


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