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Hard disk installation, as the name implies, is a series of operations that start the installation interface from the premise that the soft drive is driven by the system to start the mirror or the system mirror startup in the hard disk.

Pre -installation system: FreeBSD

A notebook without light drive

Loaded from the official website (8.0-related-I386-Bootonly.iso, 8.0-Release-I386-DISC1.ISO)

Software GRUB4DOS-0.4.zip

Of course, there is a Windows operating system installed on a notebook.

first step

From GRUB4DOS-0.4.4.zip, solve the gRLDR, MENU.LST to copy it to the system disk directory, modify the boot.ini file in the root directory of the system, add C:/GRLDR = “FREEEBSD or any character at the end “

-The role is to guide the menu.lst menu through the GRLDR file, which is similar to Windows multi -system.

Note: The above C:/GRLDR means the GRLDR in the root directory of the system disk. If your system disk is on D:/GRLDR

Step 2 and the last step

Edit Menu.lst file to guide the system to start mirrors

Add to the last file in the menu.lst file

title freebsd
map –mem (hd0,0)/8.0-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso (hd32)
map –hook
chainloader (hd32)

The above code of the code:

(HD0,0) Meaning is the first partition of the first hard disk

8.0-release-I386- Bootonly.iso means that the special startup mirror of the freeBSD mentioned earlier

(HD32) It means an alias, and if you like it, you can also write it (HD123), just alias


post -words:

Hard disk installation is nothing more than letting you automatically guide to the system mirror file when you turn it on, so as to enter the installation interface.

The operation above can guide the installation interface of the FreeBSD, so the biggest problem in the hard disk installation has been solved.

As for how to install the system, this is not within the scope of the discussion.

2 2, the process mentioned earlier 8.0-release-I386-Disc1.iso is not used. Although this is not necessary during the guidance process, the system installation depends on it.


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