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Taiwan’s NCC certification has a customary requirements for Cell Broadcast Message (CBS) Channel.


When inserted into the Taiwanese operator SIM, turn on CBS, the channel list is as follows

1.CBS Channel list can be preset in Modem Bin

2. The basis of the switch of CBS is different SIM cards. To evaluate this demand, the method of adding a new CBS MBN to handle the switch of the CBS and the Channel list preset.

3. Implementing ideas is to add a new MBN to import the NV items required by customs system to this MBN; and when this MBN is activated only after inserting Taiwan SIM card, it can be achieved only for Taiwan SIM.

The NV items associated with

CBS is:

1016 Control the switch of CBS:

1017 Control language filtering:

1014 contains Channel List;
1015 and 1014 correspondence, the number of Channel:

Therefore, we only need to import the required configuration message into MBN.

Use QPST Service Programming to edit CBS Channel:

Use QXDM to Copy COPY CBS Channel parameters from Device:

New TW-CBS MBN Table, introduce CBS Channel NV item to mbn:

This MBN -associated MCC is 466.

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The difference between enhanced for loop and ordinary for loop Dream

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