reactnative Routing: React-navigation 6.x Basic use of Copyer

2023-01-04   ES  

function fun1(proid,sizeid){
<dl class = "clearfix iteminfo_parameter sys_item_specpara" data-size = "2">> 
 <!-<DT> Size </dt>-> 
 <ul class = "sys_spec_text"> 
 <c: Foreach items = "$ {pslist}" var = "Prosize" varstatus = "ss"> 
 <c: if test = "$ {ss.index == 0}"> 
 <li class = "sys_item_specpara" ο nclism = "javascript:fun1('${pro.productid}','${prosize.productsizeId}');"
						id="${pslist[0].productsizeId}" ><a href="javascript:fun1();"
					<c:if test="${ss.index!=0}">
					<li data-aid="17" class="sys_item_specpara" value="${prosize.productsizeId}"><a href="javascript:;"

When using method, you need to add “JavaScript:” “JavaScript:” “


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reactnative Routing: React-navigation 6.x Basic use of Copyer

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