parentheses match (2) nyoj

#include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> char _stack[205]; int head = -1; int rear; void pop() { head–; } void push(char ch) { _stack[++head] = ch; } char top() { return _stack[head]; } int main() { int n; int i; int j; int cnt; int run; char str[105]; scanf(“%d”,&n); while(n–) { cnt = 0; head = -1; scanf(“%s”,str); for(i=0; […]

zynq SOC entry base (3) EMIO experiment

1.1 comparison introduction of EMIO and MIO zynq SOC entry foundation (2) MIO experimentexplains the use of MIO. In this section, let’s talk about the use of EMIO. In the reality, the GPIO of Zynq made a brief introduction. Zynq’s GPIO (Multiuse I/O) Mio and (Extendable Multiuse I/O) Emio. MIO is assigned directly with BANK0 […]

[C#] The content in the print control and the content in the print window

Effect sign of the effect: Operation steps:1. Create a new WinForm project and create a window 2. Drag the print -related control    PageSetupDialog 、 PrintDialog 、 PrintDocument 、PrintPreviewDialog 3. Set the document property of the above control as the corresponding printdocument 4. Set button and other controls and add corresponding buttons 5. The signal […]

WeChat Mini Program Customized Single Selection, WeChat single selection and use

Disposal Recommended WeChat official: <View class = ‘Pay_box’> <!-Bread in the outermost-> <radio-found class = “Radio-Group” BindChange = “Radiochange”> <view class = ‘comon_pay’ wx: for = “{{{paywaylist}}” wx:key=”{ {index}}”> <text>{ {item}}</text> <label class=”radio”> <radio value=”{ {item}}” checked=”{ {item.checked}} ” /> </label> </view> <!- <View class = ‘Common_pay’> <text> WeChat Pay </text> <label class = “radio”> […]

javascript Type Judgment Null and UNDEFINEDJS Judgment NULL and UNDEFINED

javascript The main method of determining the data type is mainly: ** Typeof: The principle is to judge by the machine code of the variable ​ instanceof: According to the constructor’sprototypeIs the attribute on the prototype chain of an instance object serial number type result 1 Undefined “undefined” 2 Null “object” 3 Boolean “boolean” 4 […]

MybatisPlus The difference between orRNEW in the conditional constructor

Scenery Project building column: implementation Writing unit test to see the difference /*** *Condition constructor query operation operation of SelectList */ @Teest Public void TestenTiTyMapperselectlist () {) { // Query the database, the gender is male (1), and the name has a record of hegemony or 123 records in email. List <employee> Employeeelist = […]

VMware Workstation and Device/Credential Guard are not compatible solutions LSA bags did not sign as expected

1, disable Windows protector’s proof of protection (insufficient ability, beingMicrosoft documentIn the clouds in the clouds, finally end in failure, and the right to record this right) 00 Use program and function to add virtualized security functions Win + R gpedit.msc Open the strategy management console From the group strategy management console tocomputer configuration->Management template->system->Equipment […]

SQL, Linq, Lambda query statement format

Linq’s writing format is as follows: from temporary variable IN collection objectWhere conditional expression[Order by Conditions]SELECT Temporary Value Value[Group by Condition] Lambda expression writing format is as follows: collection object .Where (temporary variable => (condition expression)) SQL, LINQ, Lambda query sentence examples 1. Query all the records of the Student table Sql: select * from […]

HDU 1695 Mobius Revolution

Give B, D, K, and see 1 ≤ x ≤ b, 1 ≤ y ≤ d, and the number pairs (x, y) of GCD (x, y) = k.((x, y) and (y, x) are regarded as one) Thinking equivalent to meet 1 ≤ x ≤ b/k, 1 ≤ y ≤ d/k, and the number of pairs […]

TENSORFLOW builds handwritten digital image recognition &#8212; SoftMax algorithm

TensorFlow Build a handwritten digital image recognition -SoftMAX algorithm, from TensorFlow Chinese community import input_data import tensorflow as tf mnist=input_data.read_data_sets(“MNIST_data/”, one_hot=True) # Add x as a placeholder x=tf.placeholder(“float”, [None, 784]) # two variable definitions W=tf.Variable(tf.zeros([784,10])) b=tf.Variable(tf.zeros([10])) # Forecast algorithm definition y=tf.nn.softmax(tf.matmul(x,W) + b) # Correct results occupy y_=tf.placeholder(“float”, [None,10]) # Definition Calculation Cross Entropy Formula […]

ViewPager comprehensively summarized the page content of ViewPager. Guoxuan

Reprinted from: If there is any infringement, the inform will be deleted. 1, Introduction ViewPager, view page turning tool, which provides a multi -page switching effect. A UI control introduced by Android 3.0 is located in the V4 package. The use of low versions requires importing V4 packages, but now the APP we developed is […]

CSP True True Question Solution (Continuous Update) CLOVE

I do not doubt that the last question is only the first two questions of the CSP each time √ teleportation door High school (or junior high school?) Analyze the collection of knowledge, and replace the coordinates of the point on the left side of the direct line.When judging a little, just pay attention. #include<algorithm> […]

IDEA Create Web Project Detailed Process IntellJ Create a web project

Related software: Intellij IDEA, JDK18, Tomcat Intellij IDEA is installed directly (you can select the installation directory set by yourself as needed), JDK can use 1.6/1.7/1.8, mainly configure the system environment variables. Tomcat’s official website can download the compressed package to decompress. 1. Create a simple web project 1. Create a web project File -> […]

The new label of HTML5 with graphic and text-Figure, Figcaption graph

I wanted to explain two articles in two articlesfigure、figcaption, but these two labels are defined and text, so we can explain it together, and everyone can accept it. Everyone often uses a list of picture lists in XHTML and HTML, pictures+title or picture+title+simple description. Previous conventional writing: <li> <img src=”” /><p>title</P> </li> and in HTML5 […]