MYSQL table data changes, actively notify the business system (MySQL-UDF-HTTP)

MYSQL table data changes, actively notify the business system (MySQL-UDF-HTTP) MySQL-UDF-HTTP is a simple MySQL user custom function, which has four functions: http_get (), http_post (), http_put (), http_delete (). , Its installation method is as follows: tar zxvf mysql-udf-http-1.0.tar.gz cd mysql-udf-http-1.0/ ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql –with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config make && make install If prompt lack of libcrl, install […]

c# commission

If we want to pass the method as a parameter, we must use the commission. Simply put, entrustment is a type, which can assign a reference to a method. // State the commission delegate void IntMethodInvoker(int x); delegate double TwoLongOp(long first,long second); delegate string GetAString(); Example: int x = 40; string s =x.ToString(); Console.WriteLine(s); Console.ReadKey(); […]

jdbc operation database

Registration driver (via Class.Forname ())) Class.forName(“com.mysql.jdbc.Driver”); Get connection (via DriverManager.getConnection ()) string url = “jdbc: mysql: // localhost: 3306/database name? Useunicode = true & chaperenCoding = UTF-8”; String user = “user”; String password = “password”; Connection connection = driverManager.getConnection (url, user, password); url (address): jdbc: mysql: // ip or host: port number/database name Write SQL […]

FLEX layout dictionary

Display, use the layout method FLEX: full screen Innline-Flex: Demonstrate height or width according to the sub-project Flex-direction, control the display direction ROW: The main axis is horizontal direction, the starting point is at the left end row-reverse: The main axis is horizontal direction, the starting point is at the right end. Column: The main […]

Play Jetson Nano (4): Tensorrt image recognition Jetson Nano image recognition

Play Jetson Nano (4): Tensorrt image recognition Preface Tensorrt Tensorrt Install dependencies Install Jetson-Inference Configure cmake download the required model file compile Test CSI camera real -time image recognition Common questions References This article is an electronic notes that use Jetson Nano. Due to the limited level, it is inevitable that there will be wrong […]

CodeForcess 653B Digital DPCSDN

codeforces 653B Assumption that the initial string contains only ‘a’ – ‘f’ and long as n. Suppose the initial string contains only ‘a’ -‘f’ and the length is n.fakecharactersrunestring‘a’—‘f’Longdegreesn。 Given Q pair string A (length is 2) and B (length is 1). Given Q to the string A (length is 2) and B (length is […]

azkaban built Samaritan

ERRLIST 1.Release3.38.0d version is a bit problem2. If/Azkaban-Exec-Server/Plugins/jobypes/below the Commonprivate.proterties file is not configured, the following errors will be reported:Unconfigured: = false 2. Some errorsClick me azkaban component mysql database Azkaban Server -Web terminal AZKABAN Executor – Job execution terminal download source code, compile is based on 3.38.0 ./gradlew installdist compilation and download related […]

package and method

package Access modifier public all objects can be accessed PRIVATE Object itself visits inside the object PRORECTED can only be accessed by this type of object and its sub -class objects Internal Object of the same assembly can be accessed Protected Internal access limited to the current assembly or derived self -containing type Method Calling […]

json basics

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation, JavaScript Object) is a lightweight data exchange format for transmission data between the server and the browser. We used XML to pass data. xml insufficient The data described more than the real data required occupied more transmission bandwidth Analysis XML is more troublesome XML <contact> <name>Diao Chan</name> <gender>false</gender> <age>20</age> </contact> JSON […]

Configure Conda+Justyter Notebook+Pycharm

Article Catalog Configure Conda+Justyter Notebook+Pycharm 1. Download and install Conda 2. Modify the Conda source or configuration agent 3. Use Conda to create a Python environment, and install the Jupyter Notebook 4. Modify the Jupyter Notebook default startup directory 5. Jupyter Notebook further configuration 6. Configure pycharm end Reference materials official websitedownload, if the speed […]

Demolition the EXCEL table data into multiple sheet tables

For example: the sheet table of a 2000 pieces of data is split, each sheet is 500 1. Data split function 2. Execution process (operation steps) 3. Processing Excel pop -up prompt: “Please note! Some of your documents may include personal information that the document detector cannot delete.” 4. Method two: manually adjust the three […]

Android componentization DEMO implementation and sharing of pits

First posted Demo’s github address:github -tenzliu/tenzmoduledemo: Android componentization DEMO Author: tenzliuOriginal link: Preface Some time ago, I saw Android component, which has been very hot recently, and then I got a demo by myself. During the period, I encountered a lot of problems and pits. Here, you can read the project source code. componentization is […]

Tensorflow Programming: layers (Contrib)

Higher level ops for building neural network layers tf.contrib.layers.batch_norm Add oneBATCH NORMALIZATION 。 tf.contrib.layers.batch_norm (inputs, decay=0.999, updates_collections=tf.GraphKeys.UPDATE_OPS, is_training=True, data_format=DATA_FORMAT_NHWC) can be used as a normalized function of Conv2D and Fully_Connect. tf.nn.conv2d_transpose conv2d transformation tf.conv2d_transpose (value, filter, output_shape, strides, padding=’SAME’, data_format=’NHWC’, name=None) # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import tensorflow as tf def func(in_put, in_channel, out_channel): weights […]

Geographical Location Information Data Visual (DVISUALMAP) DARK

illustration a. Recently read a lot of data visualization books, so it is logical to make something, and at the same time prepare for the “data visualization kit development” as a graduation design. It took a week or two to write a dvisual. At present It only supports some basic chart drawing, and some more […]

Novel reader super

Registration Login View novel classification: romance, suspense, fairy man, science fiction, fantasy … View the list of novels according to the novel classification Read novels: Simple mode only views about the first 100 words of a novel Download reading: Upload novels Exit c (client client)/s (server service side) architecture Client: Socket -related API Service side: […]

Based of Python spectrum analysis

1, Fourier transformation Fourier transformation is a bridge between time and frequency domains in the signal field, which can be more convenient to analyze in the frequency domain. Fourier is mainly aimed at the frequency characteristic analysis of the smooth signal. In short, it has a certain periodic signal. Because Fourier transform adopts a limited […]