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This article is borrowed fromhttps://segmentfault.com/a/1190000018428170 Stabilization and throttling are the needs often encountered in development. First look at the definition: 1 continuous trigger in a short timeevent (such as page rolling events), The meaning ofstabilization is to allow a certain time period (such as 1000 milliseconds), and the event processing function is only executed once […]

Android-ViewPager uses KID

Android-video ViewPager is a commonly used tools for Android APP. It is usually used to set interface navigation. For example, WeChat, QQ is used in this, and it is a news app. It is very common. It is very common., for example: This is a typical example.Review this knowledge point. The rough steps are similar […]

Silicon Valley Iron Man –Lon Musk

Brief introduction Main achievements Zip2 XcomPayPal SpaceX Tesla SolarCity HyperLoop Evaluation Introduction: Elon Musk (Elon Musk), born on June 28, 1971, in the executive capital of South Africa, Bertelia. He has the dual nationality of Canada and the United States. (SpaceX) CEO and CTO, Tesla CEO and product architect, chairman of the board of directors […]

IOS-25 Tips

(1) About UITableView Method FlashScrollindicators: This is very useful, flashing the scroll bar, suggesting whether there is scroll content. You can call it after ViewDidappear or [Table RELOAD]. When you click the button in the cell, how to get the cell: -(void)OnTouchBtnInCell:(UIButton )btn { CGPoint point = btn.center; point = [table convertPoint:point fromView:btn.superview];  NSIndexPath indexpath = [table indexPathForRowAtPoint:point];  UITableViewCell *cell […]

Sorting algorithm Barrel Sorting

Sorting algorithm barrel sorting The barrel sorting is the fastest sort. Simply put, the data is placed in the orderly and orderly buckets that are prepared in advance, and then output the lower corner of the barrel. In the barrel sorting, the speed and space seem to be contradictory. If there are many numbers that […]

JOYSTICK virtual operating pole

JOYSTICK virtual operating pole Multi -touch touch– output4 Elementary Limited Coordinate Output Standard Unit Cartesian, Control Center (0, 0)XAXIS: The range of value [-1,1], the left value <0, right value> 0yaxis: The range of value [-1,1], down value <0, upper value> 0 Effect chart: import QtQuick 2.5 Rectangle { id: _joyRoot width: dishRadius*2 height: dishRadius*2 […]

[Latest] The latest version of the latest version of TensorFlow, CUDNN, CUDA corresponding and download address TensorFlow latest version of the latest version of the river

official website query address CUDA download address cudnn download address Version Python version Compiler Build tools cuDNN CUDA tensorflow_gpu-2.9.0 3.7-3.10 MSVC 2019 Bazel 5.0.0 8.1 11.2 tensorflow_gpu-2.8.0 3.7-3.10 MSVC 2019 Bazel 4.2.1 8.1 11.2 tensorflow_gpu-2.7.0 3.7-3.9 MSVC 2019 Bazel 3.7.2 8.1 11.2 tensorflow_gpu-2.6.0 3.6-3.9 MSVC 2019 Bazel 3.7.2 8.1 11.2 tensorflow_gpu-2.5.0 3.6-3.9 MSVC 2019 Bazel […]

FLASK implementation file upload and download (simple but practical)

Directory structure and code [email protected] ~/w/upload# ll total 4.0K drwxr-xr-x. 3 root root 21 Jul 2 17:32 static/ drwxr-xr-x. 2 root root 25 Jul 5 17:40 templates/ -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 819 Jul 5 09:55 upload.py [email protected] ~/workspace# tree upload/ upload/ |– static | `– uploads |– templates | `– upload.html `– upload.py 3 directories, […]

Spring Boot to Spring Cloud-2018/7/17 (1)

Learn Spring Cloud before learning to build the Spring Boot framework, integrate the SSM framework, and build a DEMO Use Eclipse to build Spring Boot project Select web and mybatiis/mysql engineering structure is shown in the figure Establish Models- “Student.java package com.example.demo.models; public class Student {     private int id;     private String name; […]

ROCKETMQ abnormal

Install ROCKETMQ on Windwos. After configured the environment, start the RocketMQ environment MQNAMESRV and MQBroker. Both the project uses the SpringBoot framework to start the SpringBoot main program to run an error. The exception information is as follows: MQClientException: No route info of this topic, topic2019 By summing up this issue, a comprehensive problem summary […]

Oracle installed in the virtual machine step

Article Catalog 1. File preparation 2. Network configuration 2.1 Open the virtual machine and click Settings — Virtual Network Editor 2.2: Click to add network 2.3: VMNet2 is fine 2.4: Set the subnet ip:, you can also set it to 150, as long as it is less than 255 numbers 2.5: Set the network […]

FZU -1759 PROBLEM 1759 Super A^B MOD C Era Downsifying Formula

This formula is targeted atA’s B. 5 5 5 5: a^b % p = a^(b % pHI (P)+pHI (p)) % P (premise: b> = pHI (p)) PHI indicates that the Euler function Prerequisite: B> = pHI (P) is the focus. Do n’t ask how to prove that Eurah’s Grandpa studied for more than ten years. […]

[C ++] <Numeric> Head file introduction

c ++ The<numeric>header file contains a series of functions that can be used to operate the numeric value. By modifying the parameter type of the function, these functions can also be applied to the non -number sequence. Skilled use The function in<numeric>can be convenient for examplevector<>,list<>and other containers perform numerical calculations.At the C ++ 11 […]

Install the latest GCC The

GCC version will make an error when it is low, which will cause the header file to be parsed and need to upgrade GCC. First install the default GCC# yum -yinstall GCC GCC -C ++ Install the custom version of GCC official address is very slow: http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gcc/ domestic mirror is fast:http://mirror.hust.edu.cn/gnu/gcc/ http://mirrors.nju.edu.cn/gnu/gcc/ Install GCC version: […]

Record a Debug process for the Fedavg algorithm implementation

In the Fedavg experiment under the Fedavg experiment under the TensorFlow Fedrated framework, a piece of code always captures abnormal exit: for predicted_y in batch_predicted_y: max = -1000 flag = -1 for j in range(10): if predicted_y[j] > max: max = predicted_y[j] flag = j if(flag==-1): sys.exit() p.append(flag) and the function of the accuracy of […]

CHECKSUM (), binarychecksum () How to use MR

Recently I saw an interesting system function application problem. The cause is Achecksum(), whether the data of the two lines is completely unanimously judged. Laterbinary_checksum()Judgment.But in the actual operation process, it is found that it will appearhash collisionproblem. The program performance is unstable. Test it SELECT CHECKSUM(9), CHECKSUM(‘asdfa’, 9), CHECKSUM(123, GETDATE(), ‘xyz’), BINARY_CHECKSUM(9), BINARY_CHECKSUM(‘asdfa’, 9), […]

Android physical keyboard enable and modified

Android system When the physical keyboard is connected to the physical keyboard, you can set the default input to a soft keyboard or a physical keyboard in the Language & Input settings of Settings. Android system When detecting an external USB keyboard, the default is to enable the physical keyboard, and the soft keyboard will […]

FPGA learning experience

FPGA Learning Experience grammar, tool use process, actual project principle Verilog syntax input, output, and init default types are Wire type, and the continuous assignment assign statement is assigned to the line variable for the line network variables. The line network variable generally corresponds to a section of the FPGA, and the value of the […]

NDK USB-HID Circile Parameter Settings Code

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <pthread.h> #include <jni.h> #include <android/log.h> #include “hidapi.h” void hid_read_test(hid_device *handle) { pthread_detach( pthread_self()); int res = 0; unsigned char buf[65] = {0}; int i; while(1) { //printf(“USB READ ….\n”); buf[0] = 0x41; // First byte is report number buf[1] = 0x00; res = hid_send_feature_report(handle, buf, 2); buf[1] = 0x01; res […]