TCP/IP Detailed Explanation Volume 1 Chapter 1 Overview (2)

1.8 Customer-Server model When further describing the details of TC P, we will see that the protocol is indeed dismilled through the destination port number, source IP address, and source port number. Service is divided into two types: duplicate or concurrent hairstyle. Repeat server interact through the following steps: I1. Waiting for a customer request. […]

Python is easy to confuse place RELOADED MODULES:

Each programming language has a part that is easy to confuse. Here are some python’s easy to confuse knowledge points. == and the difference between ISIn python, the equal nature of the test value of the “==” operating symbol; the consistency of the “IS” expression testing object is to point to the same object. list1 […]

Windows under Elasticsearch-7.6.0, Kibana-7.6.1, Elasticsearch-Analysis-IK-7.6.0

Windows under ELASTICSEARCH-7.6.0, Kibana-7.6.1, Elasticsearch-Analysis-IK-7.6.0 1. Download link 2.Lasticsearch-Analysis-IK-7.6.0 Chinese Word Installation elasticsearch-7.6 download link: kibana-7.6 download link: elasticsearch -nalysis-IK 7.6 download link: After downloading, install it in D: \ ElasticSearch-7.6.0 \ Plugins directory to create a IK folder will decompress to the IK folder Find the bin directory of Elasticsearch-7.6.0, click the BAT […]

Unity’s StartCoroutine operating mechanism- 1

I wonder what happened to the brain CPU today, and found that the operating mechanism of StartCoroutine made me aggressive! Intersection Intersection Simple overview: When the variable conditions in the update are as the startcoroutine (); the variable in the method is the same as the startcoroutine (); The specific situation is as follows: First […]

Oracle 19C New Features Official Document Introduction Oracle19C official manual

Oracle 19C new features official document introduction: below is the main feature of this version. pdb work load capture and replacement Local users can capture, replay and report PDB level workloads. See “Regarding the useful characteristics of the use of available in CDB” and the Oracle database test guide. PDBS’s ADDM analysis can use ADDM […]

The first Hadoop program WordCount

Reference blog:Ubuntu Install Hadoop detailed steps Environment: ubuntu16.04LTS+Hadoop2.7.4 Configuration can refer toUbuntu16.04 Hadoop installation Newly created a new file, the author has created a new WordCount.txt document in the ~/Documents, which can be filled in casually. I have an apple I have a pen emmmmm applepen Create a new folder in HDFS for uploading local […]

New Hardware Install Debian Lenny

Let’s talk nonsense: NVIDAI 195.36.15 The official version of the official version has come out, and this note I planned has not yet started! I hope the newly bought delayed psychology can help me! Intersection Intersection After      , I started a book. I originally felt that the cost -effectiveness was not good, and I […]


1, pull elasticsearch 2. Create ES mount directoryCreate 3 folders to store the ES mount address: ES01, ES02, ES03 3. Create configuration files and data storage directoryWe take ES01 as an example, CD ES01, add ES01.yml configuration file: # ES01.yml modify the IP address according to your own environment elasticsearch-cluster es-node1 network.bind_host: […]

Gradle Release Du Flavor Maven Aar Library Gradle Public Public

Recently, due to business development, a Maven Aar library that has been maintained in the project needs to define two Flavor and pack up and upload 2 Flavor Aar packages to the Maven library. During the implementation process, some pit was encountered. This record is recorded. First introduce, release the Maven library currently 2 available […]

829. Consecutive Numbers Sum —— Poor Law

1. Trial questions Seek a number to express it by several consecutive positive integers ex: 9 = 9 = 4+5,9 There are two representations 15 = 15 = 8 + 7 = 4 + 5 + 6 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 There are four ways of expressing 2, solving […]

Use MMDETECTION (BACKBONE for HRNET, VOC data set format) MMDETECTION data set format

Directory Reference link Install MMDETECTION VOC dataset preparation Modify related files Re -compilation Start training MMDETECTION target detection tool use guide and problem summary Use MMDetection to train your data set (VOC format) View another blog:Install MMDETECTION (under the Windows environment) mmdetection ├── mmdet ├── tools ├── configs ├── data # Manual creation Data, VOCDEVKIT, […]

java check XML through XML SCHEMA

java to check XML through XML SCHEMA XML verification is very common in XML processing. If there is no effective way to verify the legitimacy of XML, it will often lead to many problems. The verification of XML is verified by XML SCHEMA (XSD) or DTD files. DTD is now becoming more and more unpopular, […]

recursive and cycle —- Hannaohano Tower loop algorithm Sunshiny

Hanno Tower problem is a classic problem. Hanoi Tower, also known as the Heneta, originated from an ancient legend in India. When the Great Brahma created the world, three diamond pillars were made, and 64 golden discs were held from the bottom up from the bottom to the bottom in a pillar. The Great Brahma […]

B-ultrasound from RF signal to the process of B-MODE image introduce the ultrasound image reconstruction experiment of RF signal

Original link: B Super Cong RF signal to B-Mode Image process introduction Author: Jiang Zhiqiang    I agree with others to quote my article, but please indicate the source when quoting, thank you. Author: Jiang Zhiqiang Treatment of overall flow chart (9 9 Basic process 11 DEMODULATION processing process finally obtained the I/Q signal. The I/Q signal is a signal that […]

IOS UITableView Custom CELL Embedded Webview Adaptive Height

-(void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated {     [super viewWillAppear:animated];     self.heightDic = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc]init];     [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter]addObserver:self selector:@selector(notifi:) name:@”TestHeight” object:nil]; } -(void)notifi:(NSNotification *)nofi {     TestCell * cell = nofi.userInfo[@”DataView”];     NSIndexPath * indexPath = [self.tableView indexPathForCell:cell];     if (![self.heightDic objectForKey:[NSString stringWithFormat:@”%ld”,(long)indexPath.section]]) {         [self.heightDic setObject:nofi.userInfo[@”DataHeight”] forKey:[NSString stringWithFormat:@”%ld”,(long)indexPath.section]];     […]

java replace the content of $ {xxx}

1 private static String parse(String content,Map<String,String> kvs){ 2 Matcher m = p.matcher(content); 3 StringBuffer sr = new StringBuffer(); 4 while(m.find()){ 5 String group =; 6 m.appendReplacement(sr, kvs.get(group)); 7 } 8 m.appendTail(sr); 9 return sr.toString(); 10 } 11 12 public static void main(String[] args) { 13 Map<String,String> m=new HashMap<>(); 14 m.put(“${a}”,”han”); 15 m.put(“${b}”,”zhong”); 16System.out.println (PARSE […]