ARCGIS Engine Open the SHP file

SHP file is currently the mainstream spatial data storage file. AE loading SHP files can be passed through the following two methods: Load through working space Drive the ShapeFile file through the addshapefile method of MapControl. Load through working space: This method is used in the case where there are complex space analysis operations References […]

Sparksql: DataRreplaceglobalTempView and CreateorRePlaceTempView are different from

CreateorreplaceTempView: Give a name for DF, you can call val df: dataFrame = (“d: /jourymounth/spark/sparkdata/zipcode.json”))) // Local temporary table registration // Create its SparkSession object before termination is valid df.createRreplaceTempView (“Message”) Val SQL = “SELECT *From Message” spark.sql (sql) .show () createOrReplaceGlobalTempView: // global temporary table // Spark application is valid before termination df.createorreplaceglobalTempview […]

Git branch new, merged, deleted

1. Foreword: gitlab, you can see more new branches SUBBRANCH Git Bash Here above: 2. Solution View branch git branch Switch branch Git Checkout branch name New branch git Branch branch name merge a branch to the current branch Git Merge branch name Delete branch git Branch -D branch name Delete the branch on the […]

Some commonly used DOS network commands

net share abc$=c:/                                 C: The disk mapping is ABC $ (the shared directory that is hidden after adding “$”) net share c$ /del                                  Forbidden C $ to share net use z: //*.*.*.*/C$                            Share C $ map of*.*.*.*(Ip) to the local Z: disk net use c: /del                                    Delete the mapping C drive net use * /del […]

jquery timer use jQuery timer method

Do some things regularly on the page, such as: SMS reminders: When the sender sends a text message to the recipient, the recipient will pop up a box in the lower right corner of the website, reminding the recipient that the recipient is already already After receiving a text message, the recipient can check his […]

pta water … Keyboarder

4 2 4-2 Seek the part of the power level and (20 points) Known function E^x can be expanded as a power level 1+x+x2/2!+X3/3!+⋯++xk/k!+1+x+x^2/2!+X^3 /3! + \ Cdots + x^k /k! + \ Cdots1 + x + x2/2!+X3/3!+⋯+xk/k!+. A real number X is now given, and the approximate value of this power level and the […]

mybatis usage (XML) MyBatis XML

MyBatis Introduction 1.MyBatis apacheAn open source projectiBatis MyBatis is an excellent long -lasting framework, it supports customization SQL, stored procedures and advanced mapping.MyBatis Avoid almost all JDBC code and manual settings parameters and obtain results set Mybatisis actually rightJDBCpackage Orm(Object Relational Mapping)object relationship(Relations database)mapping 2.xml Method Use Step Total xian project structure (we don’t need […]

2021-07-27 Baidu flying paddle writing poems

Teacher: Han Lei Creative: Make some combinations of existing ideas, such as mermaids (combination of people and fish) So if you let you create a new creature, it is difficult to escape the characteristics of creatures. 项目### 1. Game re -engraving: (Erxian Bridge) 2. Special effect re -engraving: (identify people’s mouth and amplify), change the […]

Using the CURL tool under Windows perfectly operates ElasticsearchCurl -XDELETE http: // localhost: 9200/.kibana

First, you can download and install the CURL in the Windows environment from After the installation is completed, add the complete path of the CURL i386 directory to the PATH environment variables of Windows. C:\Users\Carl>curl -XGET http://localhost:9200/ { “name” : “node_01”, “cluster_name” : “dfs”, “version” : { “number” : “2.4.0”, “build_hash” : “ce9f0c7394dee074091dd1bc4e9469251181fc55”, “build_timestamp” […]

SQOOP uses SQOOP full amount coverage

Article Directory Data import 1.mysql -> hdfs 1.1 Import to the default path of HDFS 1.2 Specify the path and division of HDFS 1.3. Specify field 1.4 Specify the filter condition 1.5 Specify SQL query statement import 2.mysql -> hive 2.1 Import the default library and bottom of Hive 2.2 Specify the library and table […]

[OpenCV] Image geometric feature extraction

The previous version is not very good, and you have again again. #include<cv.h> #include<highgui.h> using namespace cv; using namespace std; CvMemStorage *stroage; IplImage *contourimage; CvSeq *seq = NULL; int ku = -1; double pi = 3.141592; int main() { stroage = cvCreateMemStorage(); Mat src = imread(“E:\\14.jpg”); Mat I; medianBlur(src, I, 3); //blur(src, I, Size(3, 3), […]

pointer deep understanding

Deep understanding pointer pointer What is the pointer? In a word, the pointer is the address. There is an address instead of the address instead of the specific value in the pointer instead of the specific value in the pointer. pointer array int *p1[10]; Operations “[]” is higher than “*”, so P1 is combined with […]

Experience questions for front-end interviews-rear extension/later learning 01

1、 Implement the following methods (consistent with standards) Element.prototype .getElementsByclassname element.prototype.getElementsByClassName = function (searchClass, node,tag) {   if(document.getElementsByClassName){  var nodes =  (node || document).getElementsByClassName(searchClass),result = []; for(var i=0 ;node = nodes[i++];){          if(tag !== “*” && node.tagName === tag.toUpperCase()){            result.push(node)          }        }        return result     }else{       node = node || document;       tag = tag || “*”;       var classes = searchClass.split(” […]

C/C ++

1. Explanation Both are functions that implement the function of copying string array in the String.h header file. The difference between the two can be understood literally. The former copys the entire string to another string array, and the latter copys the n characters before the n -character array (anyway, I remember it, well understand). […]

shell 下 urlencode/urldecode 编码/解码的几种方法bash urlencode

1、先弄清楚为什么要 urlencode? URL Encoding is the process of converting string into valid URL format. Valid URL format means that the URL contains only what is termed “alpha | digit | safe | extra | escape” characters. You can read more about the what and the whys of these terms on the World Wide Web […]

JADOOP CAPACITY SCHEDULER configuration and use of Debug Introduction to

CAPACITY SCHEDULER CAPACITY SCHEDULER supports the following features: (1) Computing power guarantee. Support multiple queues, a certain job can be submitted to a certain queue. Each queue will allocate a certain percentage of computing resources, and all the assignments submitted to the queue sharing the resources in the queue. (2) Flexibility. Free resources are allocated […]