Target machine penetration exercise 06-driftingblues6 (using dirty beef)

target address:,672/ 1, the host to explore ARP -SCAN -i ETH0 -L (specified network card scan) Scan all devices of the LAN (all device IP, MAC address, manufacturer information)MASSCAN -P 80,22 (network segment scanned by Masscan -P scan port number)NetDiscover -i ETH0 -R nmap -sn 2, port scan nmap -sS -A […]

Fast 4412 development board for Cortex-A9+Android video tutorials suitable for beginners

Recommended to beginnersARMLearning development board,iTOP-4412Elite Edition is equipped with SamsungExynosquad -core processor, equipped1GBmemory,4GBsolid -state hard diskEMMCStorage, with both fast reading and oversized capacity, exclusive with SamsungS5M8767Power management, rich interface, strong performance. The handle of the hand -made full video lectures tailor -made for the development board’s beginner, non -network patch together, let the high -endARMDevelopment […]

shell sorting and inserting sorting algorithm

directory Inserting sort based on the linked list Inserting sort based on array SHELL sort based on array Inserting sort based on the linked list ListNode * InsertionSort(ListNode *head) { if (head == NULL) return 0; ListNode *sortedList = new ListNode(0); while (head != NULL) { ListNode *temp = head->next; ListNode *inser = sortedList; […]

Front -end Vue+Axios Realization/Fresh Page Send a request to the background interface in front of the renovation page

Three ways to leave the page to realize the monitoring browser: created() { window.addEventListener(‘beforeunload’, e => { this.updateHandler(e) }) } destroyed() { window.removeEventListener(‘beforeunload’, e => { this.updateHandler(e) }) }, beforeDestroy() { this.cancelFunc() }, Methods: { Updatehandler (e) { e = e || window.event if (e) {{ e.returnValue = ‘Do you confirm to leave this page-the […]

Springboot’s picture under static resources Turn to base64

/** * Local pictures converted to base64 string * @param ImageName Picture Name * @Reture Picture Base64 * @Author Byr * @datetime 2019-03-07 */ Public Static String ImageTobase64ByLocal (String ImageName) Throws IOEXception {{ InputStream in = NULL; byte [] data = null; // Read the picture byte array try { // Get the picture path […]

[Data Structure] The application of the stack -detect whether the parentheses match Jasmine

1. Inspection of bracket matching Assuming that the expression allows three brackets: parentheses, square brackets, and brackets, the order of nested, that is, {() []} or [()}], etc. Success, [(]) or (()}, etc. are incorrect formats, that is, not matching. Test whether the parentheses match the method of “expectation of the urgency” to be described. […]

git Submit code to code cloud

Upload/download speed slow, especially when the speed of the network is poor, it is basically unable to download. github private project charges are expensive. Some projects uploaded to the warehouse in order to facilitate management and did not want others to see it. collaborative, unable to form organizations between projects, and cannot add multi -person […]

Android-several ways to view SHA1 and MD5

Android-several ways to view SHA1 and MD5 1. Get the APK SHA1 and MD5 In order to avoid the wrong signature when registering, it is recommended to directly check the signature with the packed APK. The specifics are as follows:1) Modify the APK to modify the suffix to the .rar file; decompress;2) Enter the Meta-INF […]

Last year’s car terminal revenue fell by nearly 70 %, and Fang Technology ’s Internet Dohilers dilemma

At present, the car networking industry is entering the “fast lane” of development. Some companies are enjoying the market dividend brought by the “Internet of Vehicles”, but some networking terminal manufacturers have fallen into an embarrassing situation of “crisis”. According to the data of the “Institute of Smart Automobiles”, the predecessor of the new domestic […]

vue basic usage forever

Mustache syntax supports writing js 1. Usage: Content: Must be added {{js syntax}} Properties: The attribute value in the attribute can directly write JS syntax, and the data in the attribute value is equivalent to global variables Add a custom attribute to a tag/existing attribute IMG SRC is already attributes <img src = “” /> […]

MATLAB calls the OpenCV process (Matlab R2016A+OpenCV3.1.0+VS2010) Crystal

Mixed with Matlab and C ++ for the first time, combined with some online tutorials, and finally realized the function. Although the understanding is not very deep, it is recorded first, and then slowly understand. Enter the command “Mex -Setup C ++” in the MATLAB command line window. At this time, it is shown in […]

CSS Float (floating)

CSS Float (floating) CSS Float (floating) will move the element to the left or right, and the surrounding elements will also be arranged again. Float is often used for images, but it is also very useful when layout. How to float The horizontal direction of the element is floating, which means that the element can only […]

Learn Pixijs -particle effect

How do you create fire, smoke, magic and explosion effects? You have made many small elves, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of elves. Then apply some physical effects to these elves to make their behavior similar to the elements you try to simulate. You must also give them some rules about how they should appear […]

Use pseudo -static page technology to improve the access speed of the website

Generally speaking, the page of the website is divided into two types: static page and dynamic page. The file extension of the static page is generally.htmor.html, the file extension of the dynamic page is generally.asp、.aspx、.php、.jspor.shtmland so on. The advantage of the Static page is that the access speed is fast, but the disadvantage is that […]

Hive tables

must create partition during the table definition A, Single -divided table statement: Create Table Day_table (ID int, Content String) partitioned by (dt String); single partition table, according to the sky zone, there is ID, content, DT three columns in the table structure. distinguished by DT as a folder b, dual -partition statement statement: Create table […]

setActive () and OneNable (), ondisable () should be paid attention to

一, GameObject.SetActive () in Unity 3D and Monobehaviour.Onenable (), Monobehaviour.ondisable ()Actually the relationship between these three is very simple:SetActive (TRUE), which triggers Monobehavior.Onenable () event. Even if the object was before the activeSelf == TRUE, the incident would still happen;setActive (false), which triggers Monobehavior.ondisable () incident. Even if the object was before the activeSELF == […]

Spoon/Kettle connect to the problems encountered by the SQLServer database (available for pro -test, explain graphic)

This article involves errors:Spoon/Kettle connect to the problem encountered by the SQLServer database (available for pro -test, explain graphic)[IM002] [Microsoft] [ODBC Driver Manager] No data source name is found and the default driver is not specified ‘net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver’ Network error IOExeption: Connection refused: connect I have done the Kettle connection SQLServer before. I thought it was […]

Use VSCode access and modify remote computer files

Use VSCode access and modify remote files to implement in three steps: install RMate on the remote Linux machine; install OpenSSH on local Windows; install extended Remote vScode in VSCODE. 1. Install RMate on the remote Linux machine Rmate has a lot of Chinese language versions. Here is a Python version. github address: download […]

c language without BOOL type, C99 standard stdbook.h defines a macro of BOOL

/*stdbool.h — Boolean type and values(substitute for missing C99 standard header) public-domain implementation from [EMAIL PROTECTED] implements subclause 7.16 of ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (E)*/ #ifndef __bool_true_false_are_defined#define __bool_true_false_are_defined 1 /* program is allowed to contain its own definitions, so … */#undef bool#undef true#undef false #if __STDC_VERSION__ < 199901typedef int _Bool#endif #define bool _Bool#define true 1#define false 0 […]