Integer Turn to LONG Type data Hydra

Intege data has a longvalue () function, which can be converted into the data of the Long type code is as follows: public static void main(String args[]) {         Integer a = 1;         System.out.println(a);         long b = a.longValue();         System.out.println(b);         List<Integer> aList=new ArrayList<>();         Integer a1 […]

GO MOD commonly used commands

1. download # DOWNLOAD MODULES to Local Cache (download dependency package) Go Mod Download 2. edit # Edit Go.mod from Tools or Scripts (Edit GO.MOD) Go Mod Edit 3. graph # Print Module Requirement Graph Go Mod Graph 4. init # Initialize New Module in Current Directory (initialized MOD in the current directory) Go Mod […]

manjaro install Rime and Plum

manjaroInstallationrime(IBUS version) Reference [1,2]. After configured the domestic source of Pacman[3], execution: sudo pacman -S yay # yay is another installation manager? The role is similar to Pacman, but with Aur sudo pacman -S ibus ibus-rime yay -S ibus-qt and then in your own directory (~) Create configuration files.xprofile(if nothing): cd touch .xprofile and write: […]

How to publish a program to the AUTODESK application store, online course on May 22, at 11 pm

Autodesk ExchangeApps Webinar May 22nd: Learn about exciting new features that bring newopportunities Withouta doubt, Autodesk Exchange Apps is now the best and easiest way for developersto reach Autodesk customers.  With over 1,860,000 visitors and over 620,000 downloads,customers continue to demonstrate how much they have come to rely upon AutodeskExchange Apps to find the tools […]

2020-10-24 Record Title SY

See this equivalent 2020-996 = 1024said that if there is no 996 this year, you can live a good life (HHHOn 1024, the day of the programmer’s Day, basically knocked on the code of the day, but today I feel that my thinking has been blocked. There is no kind of active thinking thinking when […]

HTML Learning Road 01-Set background

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Set background</title> </head> <!– bgcolor = “Blue”: Set the background color to blue background = “../ IMGS/108.jpg”: Load 108.jpg pictures as the background map– ../ For the superior directory, that is, the picture, that is, the picture is not in the same directory as HTML Background value: 1. Local […]

[Noip2017 Popularization Group Forming] Chessboard

This question is still simple, you can be AC with a deep search+memory! var way:array[1..4,1..2] of longint=((1,0),(0,1),(-1,0),(0,-1)); a,zx:array[0..101,0..101] of longint; m,n,i,j,x,y,k,ans:longint; procedure dg(x,y,s:longint); var i,j,xx,yy,x2,y2:longint; begin if s>=zx[x,y] then exit else zx[x,y]:=s; if (x=m) and (y=m) then begin if ans>s then ans:=s; exit; end; for i:=1 to 4 do begin xx:=x+way[i,1]; yy:=y+way[i,2]; if (xx>=1) and […]

Cavile Python is easy to learn?

Cavile Python is easy to learn? Learning crawlers need to have a certain foundation, and it is easier to learn Python reptiles in programming basic. But look at more practice and have your own logical ideas. It is valuable to achieve your own goals with Python. If you are learning and understanding, it is not […]

java learning route map

databaseDatabase is that programmers must master the knowledge points, detailed learning ideas and interview questions, applicable/suitable for the crowd: own Java language and can realize website climb data and analyze ittarget: Master MySQL, the installation and use of the MySQL database foundation on various platforms1. Mysql Overview, advantages, operating principles and memory structure2.mysql data type3. […]

WebSocket Java client request WSSAMELIA

package com.cdr.wsc; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import org.java_websocket.client.DefaultSSLWebSocketClientFactory; import org.java_websocket.client.WebSocketClient; import org.java_websocket.drafts.Draft; abstract class SimpleWss extends WebSocketClient { public SimpleWss(URI serverURI) { super(serverURI); if(serverURI.toString().contains(“wss://”)) trustAllHosts(this); } public SimpleWss(URI serverURI,Draft draft) { super(serverURI,draft); if(serverURI.toString().contains(“wss://”)) trustAllHosts(this); } final static HostnameVerifier DO_NOT_VERIFY = new HostnameVerifier() { […]

linux (ubuntu16.04) Tesseract4.0 training font to improve the correct recognition rate linux (merged font)

Since the Chinese language package “Chi_sim” of Tesseract’s Chinese language package “CHI_SIM” is not high in recognition of Chinese handwriting fonts or environments. Therefore, it is necessary to use its own samples to improve the recognition rate. Your own language library. sudo apt install tesseract-ocr Step: 1. Tool preparation: (1) Official document: (2) Java virtual […]

[Hexo Build a personal blog] (8) Add the background effect (click the mouse to display the red heart and emerge the core values of socialism)

Addlove-click.js../hexo/themes/next/source/js/directory: / * Love special effects * / !function (e, t, a) { function r() { for (var e = 0; e < s.length; e++) s[e].alpha <= 0 ? (t.body.removeChild(s[e].el), s.splice(e, 1)) : (s[e].y–, s[e].scale += .004, s[e].alpha -= .013, s[e] = “left:” + s[e].x + “px;top:” + s[e].y + “px;opacity:” + s[e].alpha + “;transform:scale(” […]

SAP system and ABAP learning notes

SAP login Group: 700 username : password: Common TCODE (transaction code) SE11 Abap dictionary: initial screen SE37 function builder: initial screen SE38 Abap editor: initial screen SE80 abap workbench SU3 Maintenance user parameter file /n Return back to the system homepage database table query Enter TCONDE SE11 into the data plus query, select the database […]

LINUX ICMP back door Prismfly

Support platform Function Project address git clone compile gcc <..OPTIONS..> -Wall -s -o prism prism.c options are as follows: ICMP mode The back door using this mode will wait for the ICMP packet that contains the host/port connection information in the background. Through the private key can prevent third parties from access to access. […]

Layui tabs embedded like a webpage

Layui tabs embedded in the most secure and effective method of the webpage Use js method load to embed <div class=”layui-tab” lay-filter=”demo”> <ul class=”layui-tab-title”> <li class = “layui-this”> Site settings </li> </ul> <div class=”layui-tab-content”> <div class=”layui-tab-item layui-show” id=”testID”></div> </div> </div> <script> $ (“# testid”). Load (‘”jumping webpage”); </script> The above method is the most effective, […]

Vue-CLI configuration reverse proxy to solve cross-domain and process understanding

Vue-CLI provides an interface for configuration reverse proxy, that is, settingsconfig/index.jsproxyTable. The configuration is as follows: dev: { … … Proxytable: { ‘/API’: {// Print to/APIS target: ‘’, // cross -domain address Changeorigin: true, // Whether to cross the domain secure: false, // Whether to use https Pathrewrite: { ‘^/api’: ‘/api’ // match the […]

Dictionary collection

// One, Dictionary-NSDICTIONARY Key key to find the only value value         // Features: 1, can only save objects// 2, the dictionary is disorderly// 3, the key value cannot be repeated (if repeated, keep the key value pair before)// 4, value value can be repeated// 5, key value and value value must be object// 6, […]

.Net get the value of Checkbox in the repeater

front end <asp:CheckBox ID=”ChkSelect” runat=”server” />                                     <asp:HiddenField ID=”HiddenField1″ Value='<%#Eval(“cID”)%>’ runat=”server” /> back -end               for (int i = 0; i < Rpt_StdInfoByEt.Items.Count; i++)             {   […]