The first job Stella

Zhao Wenzhefirst homework [[email protected] Desktop]# mkdir study [[email protected] Desktop]# touch study/WESTOS_class{1,2}_linux{1…6} [[email protected] tmp]$ mkdir VERSION [[email protected] tmp]$ touch VERSION/redhat_version{1…8} [[email protected] Desktop]# cp /tmp/VERSION/redhat_version{1,3,5,7} SINGLE [[email protected] ~]# cp /tmp/VERSION/redhat_version{2,4,6,8} /DOUBLE [[email protected] Desktop]# mv study/WESTOS_class1_linux* CLASS1 [[email protected] Desktop]# mv study/WESTOS_class2_linux* CLASS2 [[email protected] Desktop]# cp /etc/{0…9}.conf confdir [[email protected] Desktop]# rm -rf study/ [[email protected] Desktop]# rm -rf confdir/ [[email protected] […]

jzoj 5387 [GDOI2018 simulation 9.23] dynamic map Marcus0

Title Time Limits: 1000 ms Memory Limits: 262144 KB Description Input Output Sample Input 5 3 0 1 4 5 1 2 4 3 1 2 Sample Output 3 Data Constraint Bird (laminate) topic. Essence Essence Method: Functional line segment tree+LCT When you add a side I every time, we record a last [i]If this […]

wamp omit index.phplowKey

1.httpd.conf configuration file loaded the MOD_REWRITE.SO module // In the Apache to configure the configuration #Loadmodule Rewrite_module Modules/MOD_REWRITE.SO to remove the alarm number in front 2.ALLOWOVERIDE NONE said that none is changed to all // in Apache (note that all OLOWOVERIDE in other places is also set to all) <Directory “D:/server/apache/cgi-bin”>Allowoverride none change Allowoverride all […]

[Offensive and defensive exercise] Experience skills of the blue square duty stage

With the continuous strengthening of the country’s construction of network security, the offensive and defensive exercises of various localities will increase. Today, when Lanfang is in the formal protection stage, it needs to focus on strengthening the safety guarantee work in the protection process, and comprehensively strengthen the safety protection effect of the exercise process […]

FTP When logging in, report an error &#8220;530 login incorrect.login failed&#8221; zhy

1, problem Due to project requirements: need to build a FTP. After setting the folder, create a new user and give the corresponding permissions. When I logged in to the FTP site, the following error information broke out. My operating environment: CentOS8.2 64bit 2: Solution of ideas Collecting online information and sorting four methods. Please […]

Nailing micro -application access (internal development)

Document Center Nailing background configuration Create micro -application process: Get corporate number Corpid & Secret: Login NailOA management background-Micoly -Application -Working Table Settings (Enterprise owners can view) Application development process Registered enterprise: EnterOA management background, through a series of processes, complete enterprise registration. Create micro -application: After entering the nail management background, you can […]


Link: Cheapest Palindrome Time Limit: 2000MS   Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 7180   Accepted: 3468 Description Keeping track of all the cows can be a tricky task so Farmer John has installed a system to automate it. He has installed on each cow an electronic ID tag that the system will read as the cows pass by a […]

In the problem collection of problems encountered in MASK RCNN (DEMO program of Matterport) in the Windows system

Solution 1: ImportError: Could not find ‘cudart64_90.dll’. TensorFlow requires that this DLL be installed in a directory that is named in your %PATH% environment variable. Download and install CUDA 9.0 from this URL: Solution: pip uninstall tensorflow-gpu pip install tensorflow-gpu==1.4.0 Solution 2: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘tensorflow.python.framework’ Solution: pip install –user –upgrade –ignore-installed tensorflow-gpu Solution 3: […]

Oracle creates the main key, external key, annotation, constraints, indexes

-Main keys create table emp (id number constraint id_pr primary key ,name1 varchar(8)); create table emp9 (id number ,name1 varchar(8) ,constraint aba_pr primary key(id,name1));-outer keys create table emp1(id number references emp(id),name varchar(8)); -Composite key create table emp0(id number ,name varchar(8) ,constraint fk_nam1e foreign key(id,name) references emp9(id,name1)); -Master key to write another way create table emp2(id […]

Android application upgrade, reinforcement, automatic signature, multi -channel packaging, channel information obtain one -click formation

This article may have some title parties, and there are many schemes. I just tell you the simplest solution I think. Application upgrade Application upgrade is usedTencent bugly, you can get this document, nothing to say, look at the picture! Applying for automatic signature multi -channel packaging Application reinforcement and multi -channel packaging,##offerone -click solution, […]

[Turn] P3P solves the cross -domain problem of cookies access When I was doing a traffic statistics recently, I accidentally found that IE had some security restrictions when writing cookies on pages in iframe, which caused unsuccessful reading cookies. The method: 1. Cookie in the page cannot be the cookie of the browser process (including the COOKIE that does not set up a timeout), […]

Enter 3 integer from the keyboard and output in order from large to small. (Two functions are completed.)

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> void My_printf_scanf(void); void sort_val(int * a, int * b, int * c); int main ( void ) { My_printf_scanf(); system(“pause”); return 0; } void My_printf_scanf(void) { int a, b, c; printf(“please you input tne first number:”); scanf(“%d”, &a); printf(“please you input tne second number:”); scanf(“%d”, &b); printf(“please you input tne third […]

Labeling permanently line tree tree

This article is pure self -entertainment. A few days ago, I took a title called Classroom. This is the idea: Give you a sequence A, each time the element of L to R-k, ask which of the negative elements after you operate. Zheng Jie is a two -point+differential. Many people with labeled line trees. The […]

algorithm Introduction CLRS 8.2 counting sorting

Chapter 8 Linear Time Sorting 8.2 counting sorting /*8.2 count sorting *Counting-SORT */ #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <omanip> using namespace std; typef vector <size_t> :: Iterator TVCite; size_t Chktvite (TVCite ITEB, TVEcite Itee) {{ IF (ITEB> Itee) { COUT << “” “WING With in Iterator Range!” << Endl; exit (0); } Return […]

AXIOS Simple package

Reprinted: Import axios from ‘Axios’ Import Utils from “@/Assets/JS/Utils.js” // Determine the domain name const host = process.env.node_env === ‘Development’? // Create instance const instance = axios.create ({ Baseurl: Host, withcredentials: false, Changeorigin: true, headers: { “Access-Control-Allow-Origin”: “*”, ‘Content-type’: ‘application/json; charset = utf-8’, ‘Channel’: ‘nevermore’, ‘Signature’: ‘Nevermore’ } }) // Request interceptor Instance.interceptors.request.use (config => […]

leetcode-Java&#8211;148. Sorting the linked list

Give you the head point of the linked list head, please arrange it according to the linked sequence and return the sorted linked list. 3 3 3 recursive method Quick and slow pointer to find the midpoint to divide, and then recurs the division The merger of the divided part of the orderly linked list […]

LINUX Kill Termination process linux command Kill end the process Redamancy

Article Catalog 1.10.2 kill Termination process Basic grammar option description Kill the Cat user login process Mistake the SSHD background guarding process Kill forcibly kill with -9 Killall kills all processes kill [Options] Process number (Function description: Kill the process through the process number)Killall process name (Function description: Kill […]

minimalist DP code

There is a square diagram of n*n (n <= 10, we fill in some of them into the positive integer, while the other squares are placed in the number 0. As shown in the figure below (see the same as example): Starting from point A in the upper left corner of the figure, you can […]